• The Old Hughes Mill, by Annie Brooks Simpson
    This article explores the history of the Hughes Mill located approximately two miles north of Wayne from 1800-1922 . 7pp.
  • Four Miles of Historic Road, by Dr. John B. Carrell
    This piece travels the trails later to become roads that led from the countryside towards the center of commerce, the village of Philadelphia. 9 pp.
  • Annual Excursion to Atlantic City in 1873, by Francis E. Collins
    The excitement of preparing for the outing to Atlantic City from Conshohocken is discussed in depth. The annual event committee left no stone unturned to make this outing a success. 7pp.
  • The Old Burial-Ground near Erdenheim, by William R. Yeakle
    This is a writing about the old burial ground close by Erdenheim that was in use more than two centuries ago for more than one hundred and thirty years. 7pp.
  • Washington’s Headquarters at Skippack, by B. Witman Dambly
    This article discusses Washington’s army encampment in Skippack. Washington and his army traversed Skippack Road more than once during the Battle of Germantown. 7pp.
  • Where Washington Crossed the Skippack, by B. Witman Dambly
    Details discussing the locations in Skippack that Washington traveled on his journey crossing the Skippack creek. 5pp.
  • Pennsylvania German Folk-Lore, by B.E. Schultz Gerhard, M. A.
    This is an in depth discussion of t e mass ignorance regarding the Pennsylvania Germans (“Dutch”). It describes the history, culture and customs of this fascinating ethnic group of people. 21 pp.
  • “They Have Not Died” Tribute to Annie Jarrett Reed and Willoughby H. Reed, by Franklin A. Stickler
    This piece is a reminiscent of Annie Jarrett Reed and Willoughby H. Reed including a tribute written in their memory. 5pp.
  • Willoughby Henry Reed, 1856-1939, by Charles R. Barker
    This is an article that discusses the generous gifts bequeathed to the society. 2pp.
  • Bible Records (continued)
  • Reports