• General Lacey’s Campaign in 1778, by Charles Harper Smith
    This article describes in detail, General Lacey’s movements between the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers north and northwest of the city per General Washington’s orders. 34pp.
  • Books on Montgomery County, by Kirke Bryan
    This piece reviews the author’s collection of books that have been written about Montgomery County. 15pp.
  • Seven Little Marvels of Montgomery County, by Cornelius Weygandt
    The author discusses seven favorite locations in Montgomery County with weekend jaunts to a place of escape from Suburbia. 10pp.
  • Historical Gleanings South of the Schuylkill, by Charles R. Barker
    This article describes early grants and surveys of Montgomery County form October 1681 – 1759. 8pp.
  • Dames’ Schools, by Katherine Preston
    The author discusses the first three (3) private school teachers in Norristown; Mrs. Mary Sowers, Mrs. Jane Craig, and Miss Annie Powell as listed in the 1860 Historical Society Directory along with the author’s early schooling experiences. 9pp.
  • Washington’s Birthday Celebration in Earlier Years of Montgomery County, by Ella Slingluff
    This piece focuses on the many types of celebrations in honor of George Washington’s birthday from 1782 through 1903. 7pp.
  • Ambler Historical Tour, by Herman T. Lukens
    This is a brief recount of the Montgomery County Historical Society’s tour of historical places near Ambler, PA. This event transpired on May 25, 1940. 2pp.
  • Bible Records (continued)
  • Reports