• Editorial

  • A Norristown Educator of the Nineteenth Century: James Grier Ralston, D.D., LL.D., and His School for Young Ladies, The Oakland Female
    Institute, by Conrad Wilson
    This article focuses on the active life of a man who dedicated his time as an educator, preacher, business man, scientist as well as a husband and father. During his lifetime he had educated almost 3000 young ladies and preached 1308 sermons among many other endeavors. 17pp.

  • The Cultural Backgrounds of Our Pennsylvania Homesteads, by Robert C. Bucher
    This is a report on the study of Pennsylvania homesteads that began in 1952, 6pp.

  • Vision at Valley Forge, by John F. Reed
    This article discusses the dream to build a communal settlement similar to the “Owenite Movement”. This was established and lasted almost three (3) years. 11pp.

  • The United States Census, 1850 Montgomery County, Edited by Jane K. Burris
    Limerick Township – 29 1/2pp.
    Lower Providence Township – 26pp.
    Springfield Township – 7 1/2pp.

  • In Memoriam – Dr. Douglas Macfarlan; 1886 – September 12, 1886

  • Reports