Any private group can book a tour of the cemetery.  Themed tours included the following:

  • Bench & Bar - A tour that highlights prominent judges and lawyers from Montgomery County.
  • The Exeter Train Wreck - In 1899, an express train from Harrisburg going forty-five miles per hour crashed into a stopped train at the Exeter Station, in Berks County.   Twenty-nine people were killed and forty-four were injured.  Many found their final resting place in Montgomery Cemetery.
  • The Art & Symbolism on Monuments - A guided walk that delves into the deeper meaning of cemetery architecture and symbolism as well as some of the more artistic monuments in the cemetery.
  • The Rural Cemetery Movement - A program that focuses on the movement to make cemeteries more park-like in the late 19th century.
  • The American Civil War - This tour focuses on the five Civil War generals buried at the cemetery as well as on some of the nurses and other heroes of the struggle.
  • Norristown History - A guided walk that focuses on the families that not only were prominent in Norristown, but also lent their names to many of the streets in the borough.
  • Prominent Businessmen - This tour focuses on some of the early business and factory owners from Montgomery County.
  • Tragic Deaths - A guided walk that focuses on some of the more unusual deaths in the cemetery.  From dying from drinking too much ice water to eating a poisoned pie, these deaths were both unusual and tragic.

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