John Ogden was born in Lancashire, England in 1835.

Ogden, of Norristown (1213 Powell Street) was struck and killed by a rapid transit train on September 11, 1888 in Brooklyn, New York. He was attempting to cross the track of the Long Island Railroad on Atlantic Avenue at the Brooklyn Avenue Station. An eastward bound rapid transit train was just drawing up to the station when Ogden stepped onto the track. The engine struck him and he fell under the wheels. His body was horribly mangled and death must have been instantaneous. The engineer was arrested on a charge of homicide, but he pleaded not guilty. Apparently no injuries were done to his face, but his body was badly mangled. A local undertaker, D.Y. Mowday, prepared the body for burial. Despite the difficulty that attended the task the body presented a natural appearance attired in a suit of black and beyond a few indentations and scratches the features were recognizable. He was buried here after a funeral in his home on September 17th.

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