Elizabeth Brower, “Lizzie”, came from an upper middleclass Norristown family. As others of her stature, Lizzie joined Bridgeport’s Anna Holstein and other area women as they left the comfort of their homes to cared to the sick and wounded during the American Civil War.

She and here sister, Rachel, went to Alexandria, VA in September of 1862 where they spent a week among the wounded.  In late September of 1862 they traveled to Antietam and spent ten days there.  Afterwards, Lizzie returned home while Rachel stayed.  But shortly thereafter, Rachel took ill, returned home, and Lizzie took her place and once again traveled to various battlesites, including Gettysburg, to assist with the care of the sick and wounded.  In November of 1864, Lizzie left the battlefields for a short rest, but never returned.

On January 8, 1874, Lizzie was admitted to the the Harrisburg Hospital, a result of her suffering with "chronic mania" for over two years.  She remained there until her death in March of 1919.