J. Wesley Lonsdale served in a number of battles before dying at Fredericksburg in late 1862.

Lonsdale’s father wrote to Colonel Hartranft, asking for his son’s body to be brought home:

Norristown, December 17, 1862

Mr. Col. Hartranft sir I have been informed by the paper that Wesley has been killed and I would like to know whether he can be got home now or not I am determined to get him if he can be got Please do your best to get him for me The Captain told be if anything would happen to him and promised to send him home I think hard of the Captain for not sending me a letter as soon as others got letters this morning. Please send me word immediately

Very respectfully yours,

Thomas Lonsdale

Colonel Hartranft honored his request and Wesley was brought home and laid to rest on January 1, 1863.