Valentine Hughes Stone (December 22, 1839 to September 24, 1867)

Valentine Hughes Stone was born in Bath County, KY on December 22, 1839. He went on to attend Wabash College in Indiana. When the Civil War began he decided to remain loyal to the union with one of his brothers, despite a third brother joining the Confederacy. Valentine was one of the first men to enlist in Putnam County, IN, volunteering with the 11th Indiana Volunteers as an artillery officer. Serving the entire duration of the war, Valentine demonstrated particular valor during the Seven Days Battles in 1862 and the Fall of Petersburg in 1865. His actions at Petersburg led to his promotion to Major by General Ulysses Grant.

Following the war’s end, he remained in the Army and was stationed at Fort Monroe when Jefferson Davis was imprisoned there following the war. Eventually, Major Stone was placed in command of Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas, Florida in 1865. During his command, the Lincoln conspirators were imprisoned at the fort. Major Stone served as commander of Fort Jefferson until a Yellow Fever epidemic caused first his wife’s death and then his own on September 24, 1867.

Major Valentine Stone chose to be buried with his wife, a Norristown native, in the Montgomery County cemetery. The monument at his grave was erected by his two brothers. Major Valentine and his wife left behind one son, Ralph Lane Stone.