George Matthias was born on October 23, 1819 to Hannah Matthias (nee Lewis) and Christopher Matthias. George was born in Pennsylvania as his parents were and he is of German descent. George's family was a part of the St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Germantown, Pennsylvania. George was a farmer and a gardener and he owned a farm in Bryn Mawr with his wife Mary Ann Mathhias (nee Deal) (b. February 10, 1826, d. June 19, 1896) and together they had seven children. Their children were George D. Matthias (b. April 25 1854, occupation was a hay dealer, d. July 7, 1924 due to a heart related condition), Ella M. Matthias (d. April 16, 1925), Annie R. Matthias (d. September 17, 1943), Emma D. Matthias (d. September 17, 1946), Margaret C. Matthias (d. June 26, 1922 due to cerebral apoplexy), Clara M. Croll (wife of Lewis Croll, d. May 5, 1928 due to edema of the lungs), and Mary H. Fisher (d. December 13, 1934). At age 44, George Matthias was listed in the 1863-1865 draft for the Civil War. However, he did not serve in the war. In 1850, the census records show that George was still living with his parents. The Matthias family is recorded living in Lower Merion Township: in Conshohocken and Bryn Mawr. On July 8, 1851, George purchased a big family plot at the Historical Montgomery Cemetery for his family. George, Mary Ann, and their children are all buried there. George Matthias himself died at 7:30 a.m. on June 22, 1914 in his home on Old Lancaster Road. He was 94 years and 8 months old. He died due to arterial sclerosis.