Little is known about the life of Margaret Lukens, but Margaret’s husband was fairly famous.
Isaiah Quinby Lukens was born in Horsham, PA on August 24, 1779 to Seneca and Sarah Lukens. He had ten other siblings. Isaiah received a common English education and was fascinated with the sciences. He learned clock-making from his father. One of his most famous works was the clock of Loller Academy located in Hatboro in 1812. Isaiah made $5,000 off this clock. As a young man, he went on a voyage to England where he studied mechanics. On his return to the United States, he settled in Philadelphia and became a member of several literary and scientific institutions. Isaiah was the founder and vice president of the Franklin Institute. Sources say that he died in November, others state December of 1864. An obituary stated that “Isaiah’s death was occasioned by a rupture in an aneurysm of the aorta a disease to which he had been subject for several years and of the probably fatal termination of which he appears to have been for some time, fully sensible.