Addison Cornog was born in 1848 to Joseph and Hannah Cornog in Montgomery County. He was the youngest of 9 siblings. His father and many of his older brothers worked as boatmen in Montgomery County leading up to the Civil War. Addison was too young to enlist when the war began, so he remained at home until 1864.
When Addison turned 17 in 1864, he enlisted with the 51st PA Volunteer Regiment on February 24, 1864. Serving as a private, he fought with the Regiment in major battles such as The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Petersburg, and Appomattox. Fortunately, Addison survived these major battles and was mustered out of the army on July 27, 1865. Unfortunately, Addison’s brother Joseph was killed at the Siege of Petersburg in June 1864.

Following the war, Addison continued to live at home for a time and began working as a laborer. After leaving home, he continued to work as a laborer and lived in Norristown. By 1884 he was living at 319 E. Airy Street in Norristown. He suffered from Rheumatism but continued working as a laborer. Unfortunately, nothing is known of Addison after 1884 other than he was buried in the Montgomery Cemetery upon his passing.