Mary Kreider was born 9/20/1795 and died 12/23/1867 at 72 years old. The only record of her life I could find was her will. She doesn't appear to have been married or had children, as no mention is made to either a spouse or children in her will, though she may have married, not had children, and outlived her husband.

11 people are mentioned in her will, their names are: James Childs, Jesse J. Childs, Mary E. Childs, Anna F Childs, Kate Smith, Jacy L Janet, Hannah Bickings, Martha Bickings, Mary Bickings, Hannah Cleaver, David Cleaver.

Census records show that James Childs was the father of Jesse, Mary, and Anna childs, that Hannah Bickings was the mother of Martha and Mary Bickings, and that Hannah Cleaver and David Cleaver were married. Nothing concrete could be found on Kate Smith or Jacy L Janet.

Mary Kreider's place of residence is unknown, but there are records of where the Childs, Bickings, and Cleavers lived. The Childs and the Cleavers lived in Montgomery, Montgomery, PA, and the Bickings lived in Norristown Middle Ward, Montgomery, PA.

Mary Kreider was buried in a plot owned by, and next to, Amos Evans. It is unknown how they are related. Inscribed on her tombstone is "We saw her Suffering, heard her signs
With throbbing hearts and weeping eyes, But now she's calm and sleeps at last. All grief, all pain, all suffering past."

A transcription of her will (some punctuation is not the same, but otherwise it should be like the paper copy) can be found below:

Know all men by these presents that P. Mary Kreider of the Township and county of Montgomery and that of Pennsyvania. This is my last will and testament, that I do hereby give to Mary Elmira Childs Jr my best Bureau. Also I give to Mary Childs Jr my best Fearher bed & bed ? also I give to Jesse Childs my Clock, after I am done with it. I also give to Kate Smith my second best Bureau, and 1 pair of sheets and one pair of Comfortibels, and green alpacca dress, if she takes them within one year after my Death, if not taken then they are to go to Hannah Bickings. I also give to Hannah Bickings my Bible and half a dozen tumblers, I give to Hannah Cleaver Five Dolars. I give to Jacy L Janet Five Dolars. I give Mary Childs Jr my gold shawl pin I give to Mary Bickings my best Ear rings. I give to Martha Bickings my best plated finger ring. I give to Mary Elmira Childs Jr my flowered finger ring. all of the things that I have not given away are to be Divided between Hannah Bickings and Mary Childs Jr, excepting my fancy box which fits on my Bureau which I give to Anna Childs if there are any money left after settling up my estate. I give it to James Childs.
And lastly I nominate constitute and appoint James Childs to be my Executor of this my last will and testament giving him, or the son of him full power and and authority to perform the same according to the true intent and meaning thereof hereby revoking all other and former will or wills, by me here to for made. Satisfing and declaring this to be my last will and testiment-
In testemony whereof I have hereunto let my hand and seal this 14 day of may One thousand Eight hundered sixty seven, signed and sealed in the presence of
Witness present
David Cleaver
Jesse H. Childs