Samuel Deeds, son of Thomas & Catherine Deeds, was born Feb 17, 1793.

Samuel served in the war of 1812. The war of 1812 is often called the 2nd war with England. He enlisted September 10, 1814 and served as a private in the Company commanded by Captain John Hurst and attached to the 1st Pennsylvania rifle regiment commanded by Thomas Humphrey. He was at Camp Boileau which was in Delaware County Pennsylvania. Colonel Thomas Humphrey’s Volunteer Riflemen consisted of troops from several southeastern Pennsylvania counties. A contemporary description of this company said it was made up of a wild uncouth set of Dutchmen many of whom could not speak a word of English. Samuel was honorably discharged in December 1814.

In the 1816 taxes he was single and taxed for 1 1/2 acres of land 1.14

In the 1817 taxes Samuel was taxed of 1 acre of land.

He married Margaret Freas (he was single in the 1816 taxes). Margaret is the daughter of Simon and Catherine Freas, born Sept 2, 1790.

Samuel & Margaret had at least 6 children.

  • Catherine Deeds born about 1820, married George Vogel October 17, 1847 St John´s Episcopal Church
  • Elizabeth Deeds born about May 27,1827, married John Peoples May 5, 1850 at St John´s Episcopal Church. She died November 17, 1917 in Phoenixville Pa. She is buried in Morris Cemetery Phoenixville.
  • Susan Deeds born about 1827
  • Hiram Deeds born September 7, 1832, Hiram Deeds born September 7, 1832, in 1850 census for Plymouth age 17. He died June 20, 1851 he is buried in Montgomery Cemetery.
  • Samuel F. Deeds born about 1833, Married Anna Mariam Hess, he died June 11, 1902
  • James Deeds born Sept 1837, married Isabel Torry, He was a carpenter. He died in 1909

On June 23, 1828 Samuel purchased 2 acres and 7 perches of land on Spring Mill Road from John Brant. The land cost one hundred and 2 dollars and nineteen cents. It was adjacent to the school lot, John Hallman’s, John Brant’s and Michael Mills’ lands. (Deed 44, page 241)

In the 1830 Census it appears that Samuel and Margaret were living in Plymouth Meeting. However the tallies for the children don’t appear to match. It lists 4 boys that haven’t been identified and Elizabeth, Catherine and Susan are not listed.

In the 1840 census Samuel and Margaret were living in Plymouth Meeting Montgomery County. Living with them were 2 sons between 5 and 10 (Samuel and Hiram), and 3 daughters 1 between 10 and 15, and 2 between 20 and 30 (Catherine, Elizabeth and Susan). Samuel and Margaret were between 40 and 50.

In the 1850 census taken July 30th, Samuel & Margaret were living in Plymouth. Samuel age 56 was a blacksmith. Margaret age 57 was keeping house. They had 5 children living with them Susan age 23, Samuel age 19 was working as a Carpenter, Hiram age 17 was working as a carpenter, James age 10 and Elizabeth age 23. Elizabeth and Susan’s ages are a little off.

The 1850 census also lists 3 of Samuel’s brothers and their families (Jesse, Jeremiah & John).

In the 1860 census taken July 10th, Samuel was living in Plymouth Meeting. Samuel was a 67 year old Blacksmith and Margaret was 69. Their home was worth 2,000 and their personal estate was $300.00. Living with them was their son James who was 20 years old and working as a carpenter’s apprentice.

Samuel Deeds Sr. died on October 18th, 1866. His Death notice was in the Oct 25th edition of the Herald and Free Press. It read:

On October 18th 1866 in Plymouth Township, Samuel Deeds in his 74th year of his age.

Samuel’s will is on file at the Montgomery Court house. In it he left all of his possessions to his wife Margaret and appointed his oldest son Samuel to act as his executor.

In 1866 Margaret filed for widow veteran benefits based on Samuel’s service during the war of 1812. She was awarded $60.

In the 1870 census taken July 29th, Margaret was living at her home in Plymouth Meeting. She was 79 years old and was keeping house. Her estate was worth $2000.00 and her personal estate was worth $100.00.

Margaret’s will is on file at the Montgomery Court house. In it she stated that the house that she resided in was being rented by her son Samuel. His rent was $100.00 plus taxes. Based on the will, Samuel was permitted to reside on the estate for one year after Margaret’s death, at that point the land was to be sold and divided among the surviving children.

Samuel F Deeds Jr. acting as executor of his mother’s Will, sold the 2 acres and 7 perches of land that Samuel & Catherine had purchased in 1828. The property was sold to William A Hallman for the sum of $2,250.00. (Deed book 200 page 504)

Based on the information in the deed transfer, Margaret Deeds died on Jan 19, 1871 leaving children Elizabeth married to John Peoples, Susanna unmarried, Catherine married to George Vogel; Samuel F married to Annie, and a great-granddaughter Margaret Deeds daughter of James Deeds (Grandson).

Samuel and Margaret are buried along with their son Hiram in the Montgomery Cemetery in Norristown. LotB-97 3-stones purchased. Their son Samuel Jr and his wife Anna Miriam are also buried with them; however their graves are not marked.