Benjamin E. Chain (October 15, 1823 to March 28, 1893)

Benjamin Chain was born in Norristown on October 15, 1823. He lived in Norristown, attended both public school and Academy in the area. Eventually, he left Norristown to attend Jefferson College near Pittsburg, PA where he graduated in 1842. Following graduation, he studied law until being admitted to the Pennsylvania bar in the fall of 1844.

Following admission to the bar, Benjamin Chain continued to reside in Norristown and practice law. In 1850 he became the first elected district attorney in the county’s history. Throughout his career, he was also active throughout the community serving at various times as the President of a local gas company, helping to form the First National Bank of Norristown, and serving as a senior warden of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Benjamin Chain continued practicing law in the county until his death on March 28, 1893 at the age of 70. He left behind two surviving children, Mary and B. Percy.

Chain Street in Norristown is named after the Chain family.